M2i Conference Meeting Materials, Conference Centre Leeuwenhorst (Noordwijkerhout)

The 24th M2i Conference Meeting Materials will be held in Noordwijkerhout, 5 April 2022

What began in 1997 as an annual meeting for the Dutch materials science community, existing of a dozen researchers, students and our industrial partners has blossomed into an invigorating event about innovations in materials. This year we again expect over 300 participants, representatives from SME’s to renowned industrial manufacturing companies, and from international universities and research institutes.

This year the Program consists of interesting workshops and presentations and of course a lot of opportunities to expand your network.

Meeting Materials is free of charge and open for everyone who is interested in materials development. The conference is an opportunity to learn about the latest insights and developments in the field of innovative and smart materials, along with ways in which these materials can stimulate economic progress and a sustainable society. This day is co-organised with 4TU.HTM and supported by the Bond voor Materialenkennis (BvM).

The registration for the M2i Conference Meeting Materials, 5 April 2022, will open mid January.

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