Interview with Arjan Mol, the winner of the European Corrosion Medal

On Monday August 29th, Arjan Mol received the European Corrosion Medal. The medal was handed over to him during the European Corrosion Medal Ceremony of EUROCORR 2022 in Berlin after which he delivered his plenary talk.

Plenary talk by EFC Medal Award winner Arjan Mol:

Recent Progress in Advanced Characterization of Localized Corrosion and Active Protective Coatings
EUROCORR 2022, Monday 29 August, 9.20 – 10.00 hrs

Photo: Arjan Mol

The August 2022 issue of the Newsletter of the European Federation of Corrosion (EFC) features an interview with prof. Arjan Mol, winner of the prestigious European Corrosion Medal 2022.

The prize is given to one recipient each year in recognition of their achievements in the application of corrosion science. The interview stresses his specific research focus areas including, local electrochemical analysis of corrosion mechanisms, surface treatment and interfacial bonding of organic coatings on metal (oxide) surfaces, and multi-functional and eco-friendly corrosion inhibitors and the evaluation of active protective coatings. Thanks to this wealth of expertise and experience, Mol is ready to tackle those challenges that face the corrosion industry and the wider community head on.

Winning this award has offered Mol an opportunity to reflect and gauge his achievements, as well as his impact on the wider corrosion community.

I feel it’s not a recognition of the work of Arjan Mol, personally. It’s really another discreet opportunity to thank the people around me who I have been able to work with over the years. It’s a moment to stand still and reflect on what we have done so far and also what challenges and opportunities lie ahead.

With this, Arjan Mol refers to the next generation of corrosionists in particular. As the challenges that we are facing in terms of corrosion and corrosion protection are too complex to do on your own, he is grateful for the things he has been able to do so far, like having the Young EFC in place. This investment in the future is rather vital:

The energy and materials transition is a super important societal challenge that we have ahead of us. We have solar energy, the hydrogen economy, geothermal, and nuclear energy. All these new, renewable energy sources come with corrosion challenges during production, processing, transport, and storage. So, the circular energy demands will be impactful to all of us, as well as our corrosion scientific community.

Photo: Peter Visser (Akzo Nobel)

Besides the next generation, Arjan Mol praises collaboration: “I have some expertise, which I think is useful for others, but I can learn just as much as others as they can learn from me,” said Mol. “It’s, for example, very difficult to be an expert in corrosion sensoring, as well as in machine learning, so it all comes down to teamwork and collaboration. By ourselves we simply cannot be as effective and impactful, as we are in collaboration.

Read the full interview with Arjan Mol on pages 4 & 5 of the August 2022 issue of the EFC Newsletter, including his advice for aspiring corrosionists.

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