FEMS is hiring: FEMS Web & Social Media Executive (deadline: 1 Dec. 2022)

FEMS is now recruiting for a Web & Social Media Executive position. The Web & Social Media Executive will report to the Executive Secretary and oversee FEMS external communications.

To apply, please send your cover note and CV to secretary@fems.org by Thursday 1 December 2022. 

Shortlisted candidates are expected to be available on Friday 9 December (12:30-15:30 CET) for the online interviews.

The Web and Social Media Executive will oversee external communications for FEMS. Main responsibilities include:

  • All aspects of the FEMS website (editing, updating, liaising with external bodies, creating original content) and ensuring maintenance contracts are in place.
  • Attendance at a FEMS conference (FEMS EUROMAT/Junior EUROMAT) to produce content (i.e., social media and website posts, videos, awardees’ presentations, interviews). Attendance at General Assembly and endorsed events can be considered dependant on budget constraints.
  • Promoting the FEMS European Journal of Materials in collaboration with Taylor & Francis.
  • Delivery of the FEMS brand in line with the 5-year Strategic Plan.
  • Communication-related activities as directed by the Management Committee.
  • Developing links with key media sources to secure and grow media coverage both online and offline.
  • Producing press releases for local and national media.
  • Monitoring press stories for use on the FEMS website.
  • Supporting and working with the FEMS Executive Secretary for the generation of the Newsletter, flyers, banners and promotional material.

More information on the FEMS website

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